Zoltán Lantos
violinist, composer
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Listen to music samples featuring Zoltán:
(from "Instruments of Devotion")
Oh Mata
(from "Indian Dream")
Peace Please
(Original mixes from "Jai Ganesha")
Step Into Your Future Part 1
Step Into Your Future Part 2
Zoltán Lantos (1962) received his degree in classical violin from the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest. Being drawn towards experimental and eastern music from early on, he travelled to India on a scholarship to study classical Indian music between 1985 and 1994.
Returning to Hungary in 1994, he went on developing his own unique way of improvising on the violin, rediscovering his musical roots and blending them with his knowledge of Eastern music and his experiences in the field of contemporary European jazz. Since then he has been performing and recording with various artists such as Márta Sebestyén, László Dés, Mihály Dresch, Kornél Horváth, Ferenc Snétberger from his native Hungary as well as Charlie Mariano, Ramesh Shotham, Renaud Garcia-Fons, Rabih Abou-Khalil, Dhafer Youssef and many others.
He also composes for theatre and dance.
Zoltan's main project since 1999 is his quartet "Mirrorworld” - having taken the name from his similarly titled album released in 1998. He is also a founding member of the trio AZOPA and the group Madras Special. Recently he teemed up with Ferenc Snétberger (guitar) in duo and various other formations. "Mirrorworld" had its debut in the 99' Leipzig Jazz Festival with great success. Ever since, the quartet is a regular visitor of Jazz and World Music festivals across Europe, also performing with various guest artists. Their first album titled "Tiptoe Ceremony" was released by BMC in 2002.
Zoltán Lantos plays a 5 string violin rebuilt by László Lakatos and two custom-built 5+16 sympathetic string violin (Tarangini and Sarangini) created by Ricardo Margarit.
Mirrorworld "Tiptoe Ceremony” (BMC 2002) – Hungary's Jazz album of 2003
Dhafer Youssef (oud-player and vocalist) "Malak” (ENJA, 1999)
AZOPA "Makahia”, a trio album by Lantos/Tang/Heral
Ramesh Shotham "Madras Special” guest artists: Charlie Mariano (sax) and Rabih-Abou Khalil (oud)
Mirrorworld "Mirrorworld" - with guest musicians (Fonó Records, 1998)
Zoltan Lantos "Eclipse" - a solo violin recording (Tandem Records, 1997)
Zoltan Lantos "Pieces" - with a book of his poetry (Nyomdacoop, 1996)
Emam & Friends "Indian Dream" & "Instruments of Devotion" (Eternal Music 1993-1995)
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