Emam & Friends


Joshua Massad

Born into a musical family, Josh began his professional career playing Middle Eastern percussion for dance. By 1999, he was also making music for West African and Flamenco dance as well as performing Bulgarian, Irish, Thai, American folk and Latin music.

Having lived and traveled extensively in Lebanon, Turkey, Morocco, Spain, Senegal, Greece and India, Josh has many musical influences that contribute to his unique sound. He travels these lands learning and recording the indigenous songs of each culture.

While continuing his education in vocal music, jazz piano & guitar, and as he began touring the US, his vision of a unifying music naturally began to develop. He has spent his professional career arranging percussion for ensembles, composing music for movies, theatre and teaching percussion workshops.

Josh presents education to children through music and does so internationally through his foundation, World Through Music, (worldthroughmusic.org). His own teachers include Zakir Hussain, and Mamady Keita.

Massad met Emam in 2002 as students of Zakir Hussain and they have since traveled and made music together in the US, Eastern Europe and India. With Emam & Friends, Josh plays cajon, djembe, dumbek and drum kit and leads percussion workshops.