Hadley Louden
Musical Education
1966 through 1971 Percussionist, San Jose Rebels. Studied and performed 3-4 days per weeks under the direction of Don Caldwell. Performed throughout California and were State Champions, Junior Division Marching Bands 69'-71'. Under Mr. Caldwell's direction I was the first drummer statewide to both play triple toms and incorporate African rhythms in the junior division.

Traps Drummer, The Worms. Played rock n' roll traps with power rock trios and quartets featuring work of The Cream, Santana, The Beatles, Iron Butterfly, etc. Notable gigs included numerous school dances and the Los Gatos Moose Lodge 1971 through 1975 Keyboardist, Saratoga High School Music, Theatre And Dance Departments. Studied classical piano with Kenneth Jewell and Jazz piano with Rob Marconi. Was much-in-demand accompanist and composer for numerous school bands, theater and dance productions.

1975 through 1976 Accompanist, actor, multi-instrumentalist, West Valley Junior College, Music and Dance Departments. Performed in numerous college productions both as actor and musician. Played alto, bass, and contra-bass recorders and did extensive composing and arranging for a twenty-five piece renaissance music ensemble. Performed regularly in jazz combos and casuals bands.
January, 1976 to August, 1978 Jazz Pianist/Percussionist, U. C. Berkeley. Played conventional through free jazz throughout U.C. Berkeley programs in such groups as the Hadley Combo and The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus. ( Members of the Hadley Combo went on to form such notable Bay Area World Beat Bands as Big City, Mapenzi and the Beat Freaks.) Also played Gamemlas (traditional Ghanian bell ensembles) for student protest groups.
Significant Professional Engagements
January, 1976 to August, 1978 Percussionist, C.K. Ladzepko and the African Music and Dance Ensemble. Played gankoqui, agogo and axaste with professional Ghanian music and Dance ensemble. Work included approximately 3 rehearsals and dance classes per week for two years period. Notable performances included Calvin Simmons Theatre 4/78 and Zellerbach Hall 6/3/78.
1981 through 1989 Percussionist, Ngoma BaKongo. Performed and taught traditional Congolese drumming in a variety of contexts under the Direction of Jean Louis Mbemba Pangou. Also did numerous performances with Members of Fua Dia Congo, including Malonga Caskelourde, Sandor Diabankwesi and Titos Sompa. Was granted junior staff post at annual Congolese Drumming and Dance camp in Nevada City California.
1986 through 1987 Keyboardist/Percussionist, Samba Ngo. Played synthesizers and percussion in modern Congolese style dance band led by Samba Ngo, noted Congolese master guitarist. Gigs ranged throughout California.
1987 through 1988 Accompanist, Sandor Diabankwesi Les Bantu Congolese Dance Company. Accompanied traditional Congolese dance ensemble under the direction of Sandor Diabankwesi. Performances included Pena Moai, S.F. State and other Bay Area venues.
1989 Keyboardist, Percussionist, Marimbaist, Prince Johnny Haastrup and O'Sha. Played synthesizers and percussion in modern West African style dance band led by Prince Johnny Haastrup, noted Ghanian master percussionist. Other members included most of the leading West African percussionists in the Bay Area. Notable performances included the annual "Africans are Coming" festival at Calvin Simmons Theatre. I also sat in on several performances with the noted Ghanian ensemble Hedzoleh Soundz.
1988 through 1991 Accompanist, Abdulai Diakite Ceedo Senegalese Dance Company. Accompanied traditional Senegalese dance ensemble under the direction of Senegalese Master drummer Abdulai. Played Djembe and Djun Djun. Performances included Malcom X Community Theatre, San Francisco.
1993 through 1995 Keyboardist, Percussionist, African Rain. Played multiple synthesizers and percussion in modern Afro-Pop style 10-piece dance band. Performances ranged throughout Northern California and included performances with Baba Olatunji.
1995 through present Keyboardist, Spear, South African Dance Band. Played Keyboards with innovative South African Dance band under the direction of Rondo Van Lewarde, and including most former members of Zulu Spear. Performances included venues throughout California and Arizona.
1990 through present Pianist/Percussionist, Kombo Kwela, South African Jive Jazz Band. Played piano and percussion in an eight-piece South African style ensemble performing primarily the work of various South African composers in the Jive and Township Swing traditions, including Abdullah Ibrahim (Dollar Brand) and Johnny Dyani. Notable performances include multiple gigs at Yoshi's, Oakland.
1978 through 1979 Composer, Pianist and Percussionist, The Hadley Combo. Composed, directed and played keyboards and percussion with U.C. Berkeley based jazz combo. My original composition "Klautu Barada Nikto" was nominated for best jazz composition at the PCCJF in 4/78 by Keyboard Panelist Chair Mark Levine.
1987 through 1989 Keyboardist, Percussionist, Vibraphonist, The Kromatics. Played multiple keyboards, congas, timbales, bongo and vibes with Bay Area based jazz fusion ensemble. Our 1989 demo tape won us recognition as "Best Unsigned Jazz Fusion Band", in Musician Magazine.
1988 through 1992 Keyboardist/Percussionist, Pete Cornell Ensemble. Played piano, synthesizers and percussion in Bay Area based jazz and Latin jazz ensemble lead by Pete Cornell. Material included both traditional and original repertoire, with an emphasis on both swing and Latin styles.
1991 through 1992 Keyboardist/Percussionist, HerAfterFive. Played acoustic piano in traditional swing jazz quartet led by vocalist Sandra Rae Ramos. Although the ensemble was billed as all-female, I was the honorary male member.
1992 through present Composer, Pianist and Percussionist, Bridges. My current jazz ensemble, features both traditional and original material in a variety of orchestrations, most often featuring both vocals and Latin percussion. Performances have included everything from solo piano work throughout the Bay Area, to numerous gigs at the Academy of sciences, the Mill Valley Film Festival, etc.
Latin & Afro-Caribbean
1989 Keyboardist/Percussionist, Lichi Fuentes and Friends. Played piano, synthesizers and percussion in "Nuevo Cancion" style South American band led by Lichi Fuentes, noted Chilean singer/songwriter and founder of Altazor. Material included both traditional and original styles.
1989 through present Director, "Los Bros" Rumba Ensemble. Direct, arrange, sing and play all congas and percussion in traditional style Cuban Rumba ensemble. Material includes both traditional and original rumbas, in the Yambu, Guaguanco and Colombia styles, presented with voice and percussion.
1991 through 1992 Latin & Flamenco Accompanist, Isa Mura Y Grupo Utrera. Accompanied well-established Bay Area Flamenco Dance Troupe under the direction of Isa Mura. Work included novel percussion work in a "Nuevo Flamenco" style. Performed throughout Northern California at such venues as La Pena and the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival.
1990 through 1995 Keyboardist/Percussionist, Salsa Tropical. Played piano, synthesizers and percussion in 6 piece Salsa Ensemble led by Carmen Cansino and Pete Cornell. Played various clubs and casuals throughout Northern California.
1994 Keyboardist, Cubanacan. Played keyboard in Bay Area Salsa Ensemble led by Marcus Lopez. Material included both traditional "salsa romantica " styles, as well as cumbias and merengues.
1995 through 1996 Keyboardist, The Franco Brothers Y Orchestra Actualidad. Played piano and synthesizers in 11 piece Salsa Ensemble led by Carlos and Bismark Franco. Material included primarily traditional "salsa romantica " styles.
January 1995 through November 1996 Keyboardist/Arranger, Dr. Loco's Rockin' Jalapeno Band. Played piano, synthesizers and percussion in eclectic "Chicano Roots" style band led by the inimitable Dr. Jose Cuellar, noted Music and Cultural Anthropologist and chair of the La Raza Studies Department S.F. State University. Material included both traditional and original styles and I did some minor arranging on the C.D. "Puro Party" (Flying Fish Records 1995). Notable gigs included Great American Music Hall, The Fillmore, Shoreline Amphitheatre and numerous tours throughout the greater Los Angeles Area, Chicago, and a tour of Cuba in July of 1995.
1997 Keyboardist, Malo, Bay Area Gigs. Played keyboard in World Famous Chicano Rock Band. Material included both traditional Latin styles, as well as classic band originals.
2000 to present Keyboardist, Mazacote. Play keyboard in leading Bay Area Salsa Ensemble led by Timbalero Luis Romero. Material includes both traditional "salsa " styles, as well as can emphasis on Latin Jazz and Descargas.
2000 to present Keyboardist, Charanson. Play keyboard in Bay Area Charanga/Danzon Ensemble led by Violinist Antohony Blea. Material includes both traditional charangas and Danzons, as well as band originals.
World Beat
1985 through 1991 Composer, Director, Keyboardist, Percussionist, Beat Freaks. Composed, directed and played keyboards, marimbas and percussion with San Francisco based World Beat band Beat Freaks. Performed throughout Northern California and did benefits for such groups as Greenpeace, Oxfam International, The San Francisco Earthquake Emergency Relief Fund and S.F. Nuclear Freeze. Worked with percussion masters Jean Louis Mbemba Pangou and Paul Yukteswa Sonnebend.
1992 through 1998 Keyboardist, Percussionist, Bob Culbertson Trio. Play multiple keyboards, marimbas, vibes, djembe and Latin percussion with innovative world beat trio led by renowned Chapman stick player Bob Culbertson. Notable performances included Monterey Bay Aquarium, S.F. Academy of Sciences and numerous Napa valley wine festivals.
1992 through present Keyboardist, Flautist and Percussionist, "B2 " & "Bogo". Played multiple keyboards, flute and recorder, marimbas, vibes, djembe and Latin percussion with innovative world beat ensemble led by renowned Harpist Boris Goldmund. Notable performances included Mill Valley Film Festival, S.F. Academy of Sciences and Calvin Simmons Theatre 4/78.
1999 through present Keyboardist, Percussionist, Marimbaist Fantuzzi and the Flexibles. Play multiple keyboards, marimbas, vibes, djembe and Latin percussion with internationally reknown world beat Performer Fantuzzi. Notable performances included Burning Man '99, The Non-Salon, Monterey Fairgrounds, Tribal Stomp.
1999 through present Multiple Percussionist, Ta-Ki-Te Rhythym Ensemble. Play multiple percussion with other master percussionists in Percussion Trio performing wide variety of percussion traditions from around the world.
1997 through present Multiple Instrumentalist, Emam and Friends. Play multiple percussion and keyboards with other master international performers, performing a wide variety of musical traditions from around the world, led by Master Tabla Player Emam.
May 1982 Chefe do Surdu, Net Cadets, Carnival '82 . Played surdu, agogo and arranged for Carnival music and dance ensemble under the direction of Eduardo Valentino. Notable performances included San Francisco's Carnival celebration May 1982.
1984 through 1985 Chefe do Agogo, Samba de Allegria. Performed on a variety of samba instruments, primarily agogo, tamborin and agogo with leading San Francisco samba batucada under the direction of Marlene. Also arranged agogo parts for batucada. The ensemble did numerous performances including Carnival 84' and 85'.
1988 through 1990 Chefe do Agogo, Fogo Na Ropa. Performed on a variety of samba instruments, composed and directed agogo section with leading Bay Area samba batucada under the direction of Carlos Acetuno. Also arranged agogo parts for batucada. The ensemble did numerous performances including Carnival 88',89' and 90'.
1986 through 1995 Director, Rainbow Renegades. Directed, composed and arranged for a large samba batucada including 40 dancers. Styles included, African, Hip Hop, Afro-Cuban and Jazz, in addition to the traditional Samba. The ensemble did numerous performances including Carnival 86',87', 91', 92',93', and 94'.
1996 Choral Director, Judith Justiz Y Gruopo Raices. Directed, composed and arranged for a choral ensemble presenting traditional Yoruba based Afro-Cuban songs in conjunction with Judith Justiz, renowned Cuban dance instructor.
1976 through 1977 Woodwind Multi-instrumentalist, West Valley Collegium Musicum. Played all recorders, including sopranino, bass and contra-bass, in a Renaisance and Baroque music ensemble. Arranged traditional and orginal works for twenty member ensemble. Notable performances included San Francisco's Carnival celebration May 1982.
Dance Accompaniment and Composition
1976 through present Accompanist, Various Bay Area Dance Studios. Accompanied a great many dance classes throughout the San Francisco/Bay Area including ethnic, jazz and modern classes. Performed extensively at Third Wave, Footworks, and many other studios for such teachers as C. K. Ladzepko (Ghanian), Malonga Caskelourde and Titos Sompa (Congolese), Abdulai Diakite (Senegalese), Blanche Brown (Haitian), Bernard (Haitian), Marlene (Brazilian), Carlos Acetuna (Brazilian), Judith Justiz (Afro-Cuban), Anna Celeste (Afro-Cuban), Lisa Berry (West African).
January through March 1984 Composer and Band Leader, Story Theatre. Composed complete score and conducted pit band for 2 hour theatrical and dance presentation under the direction of Marcus Stern. The work did an extended run at The Lab, San Francisco, and was well-received.
1990 through 1995 Accompanist, Wilfred Mark Caribbean Dance. Accompanied well-established Bay Area Caribbean Dance instructor Wilfred Mark. Work included multi-intrument percussion work as well as teaching Caribbean percussion workshops. Performed throughout Northern California.
1991 through 1992 Accompanist, Anna Halprin. Accompanied well-established Bay Area Modern Dance/Movement workshops under the direction of Anna Halprin. Work included novel dance work incorporating inner spiritual and therapy concepts with movement.
February, 1992 Sound Technician, Rheinhard Flatischsler. Provided sound and performed in workshops with noted Austrian percussionist Rheinhard Flatischsler in his debut USA tour. His work, known as "Take-Tina", incorporates diverse world percussion traditions into a novel method.
January 1994 through present Modern Dance Accompanist/Composer, S.F. State University. As staff accompanist for the modern dance department, I accompany a wide variety of teachers classes and styles including modern, jazz and ballet. I worked with Susie Whipp in composing an extended piece that was well received at the annual Colorado Collegiate Dance Competition. I also guest lectured "Music appreciation for Dancers" with Department Chair, Dr. Duke, as well as accompanying ballet, African, and a special six week intensive summer workshop with Dr. Albirda Rose and Alicia Pierce on Dunham Technique and African Dance. I have accompanied various African dance classes at S.F. State for many years. I also accompanied noted choreographer Donald Byrd on his Master Classes in 1996 (and received tremendous praise from him for my "feeling and passion").
September 1996 through July 1997 Modern Dance Accompanist/Composer, California State University, Hayward. As the staff accompanist for the modern dance department, I have accompanied a variety of teachers and classes, including Modern and African.
1978 through present Piano and Percussion teacher, Private. I have twenty years of professional teaching experience throughout Northern California, teaching keyboards (jazz, salsa, blues and rock) and percussion (African and Latin). I emphasize theory and improvisation.
1988 Music and Percussion teacher, Oakland Parks and Recreation Department. I taught music and percussion at Mosswood park in a program sponsored by the City of Oakland. I taught numerous classes, including age groups from 6 through fifteen years of age.
1991 Staff Music teacher, Wavy Gravy's Camp Winnarainbow. I taught music appreciation and percussion to a wide variety of students at Wavy Gravy's unique summer camp - Camp Winarainbow. Also accompanied visiting West African Dance Troupe. Summer program culminated in a major performance.
1992 through 1993 Staff Music teacher, P.A.P.P.A. Summer Program. I taught music appreciation and percussion to a wide variety of students at Palo Alto Parents for Performing Arts summer program. I taught age groups 6 through 12.
1985 through present Instrument Building and Repair , Private and Public Workshops. I build and repair many instruments, including congas, Ngomas, Djembes, Shekeres, Ho sho and Marimbas. I also teach workshops upon request. Past workshops have included, Drum building techniques, Putting heads on your drums, Shekere building, and Marimba Building.
January through June 1996 Modern Dance Accompanist/Lecturer, S.F. and Hayward State Universities. As staff accompanist for the modern dance department at S.F. State , I co-taught a class with Department Chair, Dr. Duke. presenting music and rhythmic appreciation for dancers. I have presented similar lectures at Hayward State.
Recordings and Videos
1987 Beat Freaks Demo recording for 8-piece world Beat Ensemble featured several of my original compositions, sold many copies and received acclaim in world beat circles
1988 The Kromatics Played multiple keyboards, congas, timbales, bongo and vibes on 1989 demo tape recognized as "Best Unsigned Jazz Fusion Band", in Musician Magazine.
1989 Onda, Extended MTV style video with Beat Freaks. Filming included numerous locations and recording studios over several month period.
1995 Puro Party CD for Flying Fish Records with Dr. Loco's Rockin' Jalapeno Band. Played Piano, Hammond B3 organ, vibes, and multiple synthesizers. Did minor arranging.
1996 Marimba Pacifica, Video recorded live at the Great American Music Hall on November 2, 1996, as part of the Encuntro Del Canto Popular. Features excerpts from six songs as performed by my marimba ensemble.
1997 Marimba Pacifica, Upcoming CD (90% complete as of 12/96) features nine of my compositions performed by my highly acclaimed marimba ensemble playing primarily on instruments I have built.
1999 Ancient Future, 2000 Release of new Cd "Asian DreamsZ" by this ineternationally recognized original World Beat ensemble, led by Matthew Montfort
1999 Fantuzzi, 2000 Release of new Cd "Fantuzzi 2000" by this ineternationally recognized original World Beat performer Fantuzzi. On the CD I play keuboards, marimbas, Djembe, vibes and assorted percussion.
A.A. in Music and Political Science, West Valley Junior College 1976 B.A. in International Relations with Honors, U.C.Berkeley 1978 J.D. U.C. Hastings College of Law 1982, International Law Review, Public Interest Cert.

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